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Welcome to the download section of ROSE SWE

All downloads are free! Please note that some programs will not work on Windows 64bit because Microsoft removed support for DOS16 applications. DOS16, DOS32 and Windows 32bit are fine.

Please move your mouse over the disk symbol to see the MD5 hash of each file! Download the utility to verify the MD5 hashes of your downloads against the MD5 checksums in the file md5sums.md5.

30.10.2013 2.714.457 quickinfo: MD5SUM=3416644487b8be0d503d0149a6269c84  click here to download! Finds Boot, File, DOS, IRC, VBS, Batch viruses, worms, malware, trojans and backdoor. Freeware! Program versions for Linux, DOS32 & Windows included! Needs not installation, portable version!
06.03.2008 349.018 quickinfo: MD5SUM=1854b01a26b95585d8a474a5740808c6  click here to download! HackStop 1.22 - The File Protector! 8086+386 Protects EXE and COM programs. Designed to drastically hinder analysis, cracking and reverse engineering of your programs.
22.01.2007 16.634 quickinfo: MD5SUM=d54789f9951009b12000f7538daa0c2c  click here to download! small win32+linux cmdline MD5 tester. Usage: md5-win32 *.zip to verify
04.08.2012 273.802 quickinfo: MD5SUM=c269a51c4add79f94afba61babd950d3  click here to download! rADFAQ_1.17.7z ROSE SWE's Anti-Debugger FAQ (rADFAQ) - only for old DOS-16 usage.
23.10.2007 8.094.101 quickinfo: MD5SUM=92e0c0d7e5258200d285251a452297d2  click here to download! rfwt_09-30_Setup.exe ROSE SWE Freeware Tools - Version 9.30 for DOS16 and Windows
13.04.2008 592.208 quickinfo: MD5SUM=3c7a04d738148097429b4aa6e828262d  click here to download! ROSE SWE Packer and Cryptor Package, Release 11 - Freeware - The ROSE SWE Packer and Cryptor Package contains the following programs that were released in the past as separate archives: - HS, RC 386 (ROSE SWE Com Crypt/386) - RC 286
09.02.2013 967 quickinfo: MD5SUM=d3265b63b783057d8d36ba158b4f9043  click here to download! A small linux/win32 cygwin shell script to automatical download updated file from rose_swe
23.05.2011 690.624 quickinfo: MD5SUM=83aae1a591ebefedb9b1d4275e166ade  click here to download! ROSE SWE UnPaCKER PaCKaGE, release #35 * Unpacker package for DOS packers/protectors (no Windows unpackers!)
23.05.2011 794.309 quickinfo: MD5SUM=bdf4eded8cfd5f7336dd4616cfa7a2a0  click here to download! rvct_Rel-22.rar ROSE SWE Virus Collector Toolset. Various tools for DOS, Win32 and Linux to mainatin a virus collection.
29.03.2013 1.492.699 quickinfo: MD5SUM=eaa8bdf4b7e8099e2ab031cdf5cee3cd  click here to download! ViBa 3.29 - Datenbank mit Beschreibungen zu ca. 12000 DOS/Boot Viren. (VirusDataBase)
10.11.2014 1.214.153 quickinfo: MD5SUM=915ddef4ae56d201d80e42101b50697d  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! RHBVS = ROSE SWE"s Heuristic Based Virus Scanner - Freeware! With additional tools and dox! Needs not installation, portable version!
10.11.2014 571.026 quickinfo: MD5SUM=68539343d0c8d5eef4f0d75e10e01a27  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! MemScan package - collection of free antivirus programs to check your main DOS memory. Includes MemScan, QMS, TestBoot etc. Needs not installation, portable version!
10.11.2014 368.463 quickinfo: MD5SUM=01e6d1d4bb4e8ca14343a06752f5d3e8  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! Dir2html: Creates a HTML file (webpage) of the files in the current directory. Create within a second a complete download webpage of your files! W3C 3.2 complaint. With INI file for customizing the output. Win32, Dos32 + Linux.
10.11.2014 360.837 quickinfo: MD5SUM=7436c012a7997364686649be7c8e72a7  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! CrCheck: CRC32 Antivirus/Integrity Checker - English and German version included
10.11.2014 1.520.117 quickinfo: MD5SUM=bb9ae44aff4ab90caf6a911528718e4a  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! VirScanPlus_15-98 (DOS32 Virus Scanner) - zip file, needs no installation (portable). Virus scanner for DOS-, Boot-, VBS-, IRC-Viruses, Trojans and other malware
10.11.2014 3.154.817 quickinfo: MD5SUM=6fcd43a6f4afda82d539e1a468222ed4  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! AntiLink-Paket: Antiviren Komplettpaket zum Erkennen und ENTFERNEN von Computerviren, erkennt auch noch UNBEKANNTE Datei- und Bootviren. Komplett in Deutsch. Mit vielen weiteren nützlichen Antivirentools und Hilfsdokumenten.
10.11.2014 n/a click to download md5sums.md5 updated/refreshed file! MD5 checksums of this folder

Total: 22.208.232 17 Files

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